A special school visit from Marc Prensky


On Tuesday April 5th our school was honoured with Marc Prensky’s visit and both students and teachers had a chance to talk to him. For those who don’t know who Marc Prensky is, he is a writer and a speaker in the field of learning and education. Before his arrival, students had the opportunity to discover Prensky’s thoughts and beliefs through two of his most relevant articles: “Real World Accomplishment Based Education” and “Our new Global Empowered Kids”.

Students were fascinated and showed great enthusiasm to what Prensky was proposing, especially because they felt that someone was on their side, they felt appreciated. The students asked him questions based on the articles we read. Marc Prensky spread his positive and innovative thinking around the room, for example he said “The Internet is so powerful not because of its efficiency, but because of the things that it allows us to do and we couldn’t do before.” Marc Prensky motivated all the students to make a change with our passion and, most importantly, to make a change together.

We appreciate your time and thank you for introducing us to new ways of perceiving learning.

By Lafan Hasan

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