Our last podcast of the year


We wish Afnan good luck in the future!


Arts Night Celebration Podcast


We got a visitor!

We had a Radio professional from Oryx Radio who came to our Radio Station! His name is Axel Pierre Yves Carre and we had the pleasure to have him helping us to prepare our program for Qatar National Day. We had a very nice time and we learnt a lot from him.

Thanks for your visit, Mr. Axel and you are welcome to come again!



The World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) is a non-profit organization which specializes in the connection of education, technology and students. Its goal is to promote new approaches to learning and education, investigating methods to challenges in all educational fields.

WISE is building the future of education through the help of the community which we live in. they have made a name for itself through the globe by helping those in need. They hold events such as debates , conferences and charities for our world.

Every two years, WISE holds a 3-day summit where over 1500 researchers, professionals, and innovators are united to share their ideas. On the 14th of November, the eighth graders participated in the event they explored different technological advancements and tools such as Little Bits. They explored different innovations, one example is the 3D printer. Students enjoyed the different presentations in the different Learning Labs. On the 15th of November, the seventh graders visited the event, looking at the different presentations and Learning Labs available. One the 16th, the 12th graders visited the summit, they learned about teamwork and engaged in activities that would help them practice collaboration and exploration of ideas as a group.



International Day

Last Monday 30th October, the school celebrated International Day from 11:00 onwards in the Main Hall, Gym, Cafeteria, and Library. Students enjoyed food from around the world. In the Main Hall we had Europe, in the Gym we had Africa, in the Cafeteria we had North and South America, and in the Library we had Asia and Middle East. We also had performances and activities.

International Day is a day to celebrate different countries and their traditions as well as celebrate each student’s appreciation for learning. We had a look at the global culture and how it connects to the learning conducted in class. In the beginning of the term, new students from different cultures came and showed their different cultural backgrounds, on International Day everyone had a chance to reflect upon this experience and celebrate this school’s diversity.

Students showed their understanding of different cultures and traditions through performing and presenting their knowledge on inquiry based questions about different continents around the world.

We hope you had a very Happy International Day!

Latest events in school

Hispanic Culture Day

Hispanic Culture Day is an annual national public holiday in Spain on October 12. Like every year, SEK Qatar organized an event filled with lots of exciting and fun activities. PYP students were allowed to wear traditional dresses or red and yellow colored clothes. For MYP, celebrations started after second break and lasted until the end of the day. MYP stations were organized by Grade 11 students, as part of their CAS.

Students did rotations and joined five different activities:

  • A contest called “Pasapalabra” which means ‘pass the word’. The game was simple, the instructors (Ahmed, Omar and Amr) will say some sentences for the players to guess, and the answers will start with the letter going by the alphabet, and if you didn’t know it you say “Pasapalabra”. Students loved this game and participated enthusiastically.
  • A role-play organized by Shaikha, Benjamín and Adel, where some students showed their drama skills. After they choose a theme, they will have to pick some costumes to make the scene more realistic. After their performance, the audience will have to either give it a smiley face or a sad face.
  • Salma and Juan Ramón created a Cuban music station. First the students had to listen to a Cuban song to get the right beat and then they had to reproduce the beat with their instruments (different ones and assigned randomly).
  • Valeria, Chloe and Arwa did some reasearch about Mexican folk art and they planned an activity, where students had to paint a reproduction of a typical piece of Mexican art on a plate covered by foil paper.
  • In the gym, Kamel, Mahmoud and Gabriela designed a two activities station, with two traditional games to do some exercise and enjoy playing in teams.

It was a wonderful celebration and all students had lots of fun!


QUESS U19 Girls’ Volleyball

On Wednesday 4th of October, some MYP and DP girls took part in a volleyball competition against many other schools (as Doha College, Sherborne English school, Park House, and Qatar Academy). It was hosted by Qatar Academy and took place within its premises.

There were a total of six matches in which the girls participated. Although not victorious, it was a great learning experience for everyone.

The girls tried their best and were very enthusiastic about their experience at the competition, keeping a positive attitude about the entire event. They look forward to their next tournament.

Congratulations to all who took part:

Adriana Abella

Isabel Pérez-Marsá

Isabella A. Jiménez

Gabriela de la Cuesta

Salma El-Bechouti

Katerina Darby

Victoria Pérez-Marsá

Fernanda Mosella

Tsunami Ceballos Paradeda

Gabriela Ponte Brinto


A special thank you to the teachers who helped to organize the trip.

This was a great learning experience for the team players!

First Podcast of the season!